About Us

The all-in-one proactive solution for today’s business.

The Just Power Difference

Innovative Custom Solutions

Our relationship starts with an in-depth discovery process of your business to get a thorough understanding of your needs to provide a clear solution specific to your company.

Optimize Operations

We’ll work with your company to identify inefficient workflows and create ongoing solutions that make sense and are scalable to your business.

Fortified Security

If security is a big deal to you, it’s a huge deal to us. We’ll secure all parts of your network across all devices. Giving you peace of mind over all your company’s sensitive data.

Strengthen Your Bottom Line

Our solutions are specifically designed to help you cut inefficiencies out of your operations to ensure no resources go to waste.

Digital Transformation

With a wide array of the most cutting-edge technology at our disposal, we’re able to give you what you need to ditch paper systems and digitally transform your office with automated solutions that give you a competitive edge.

Proactive Customer Service

Knowing the in’s and outs of each company stems from the proactive service model we’ve designed for our clients. We provide them 24/7 customer service and predictive technology that keeps businesses running at peak performance at all times.

Our Mission

Just Power’s mission is to innovate and progressively modernize the inefficient business landscape by providing a proactive, personalized and eco-friendly office technology solution from planning to implementation and optimization. One solution from one company—Just Power.

We're Driven By:

  • A team-first mentality
  • A growth-oriented mindset
  • Service-driven – we give back
  • Be open-minded & be yourself
  • Working with passion & humility
  • Work hard, play harder

How it all got started...

Founded in Las Vegas, Nevada, Just Power has been delivering office
technology solutions to more than 10,000 businesses over the past 37 years.

From the very beginning, our main goal has been, and will continue to be, creating innovative technology solutions for the success of our customers. We’ve carried this goal with us through the years by proactively keeping ahead of the technology curve and using that to implement innovative solutions that digitally transform office operations.

We seek to partner with businesses in order to understand their specific needs and implement expert solutions to simplify business workflow, enhance office efficiency and implement strong team collaboration tools. Every action we take and business decision we make is driven by this goal – To be one company with unique, modern, and expert solutions that enhance your company.